Each person doesn’t come to this world by accident…

The destiny gives him a certain way, with diverse threads of events, acquaintances and meetings. And these bright and pastel paints contain a lot of shades, both of happiness and grieve – but all of them are beautiful!

I was born in a family of a military pilot, in the city of Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad region), therefore my life passed in a close acquaintance with different countries – Baltic, Poland, Russia, Germany, Ukraine. Thanks to my parents, since I was four, reading Andersen's fairy tales and making first sketches of princes and Cinderellas, I clearly knew my mission – to open the fantastic world in paints to everyone.

I lived for fifteen years on the Riga seashore where the Old Riga organ was heard, where films in ancient magic small streets were shot, where Yurmala sang, where pine forest rustled and the Baltic Sea caressed, and then moved with my family to Poland. Castles, museums, architecture of Warsaw and Krakow left forever an indelible trace in my heart and strongly influenced my creative vision.

Having graduated from school in the Polish city of Legnica, I left the parental house (my father, mother and brother remained to serve in PNR) and the entire map of the immense Soviet Union was open in front of me – I could enter any university, but count only on myself. I chose the beautiful city of Liepāja, the most western point of the Baltic to be "closer" to my parents and brother.

I entered the Liepāja State Pedagogical Institute, and living in a friendly team of the campus, I continued to practise music, drawing, and added parachute jumps to girlish hobbies for bravery.

In a year my father was transferred to the hero city of Moscow and I entered the Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University where expanding the pedagogics horizons, I practised music and painting in the well-known studio of the national artist of the USSR Kukunov M. M.

The music school and quite good skills in painting prompted a thesis choice: "Influence of music, painting and literature on the person".

Having graduated from the university with honors and suddenly, having unexpectedly fallen in love, I moved to my husband’s house, to the city of roses – Donetsk, where my mother and father were born, and where I passed every summer, being a little girl, and visited my grandmother in a nice village named Larino. This is why I was named Tatyana from Larino.

Then everything was as usual…

I gave birth to a girl, found fine art studio and started painting fervently, having given up music and literature, because painting is jealous, and it embraces you entirely.

When I went to Donetsk, my mother told me: "If you want this city to accept you, you must fall in love with it". And I followed her advice - fell in love with it with all my heart. The history of my native land which connected two great empires – Russian and British – and which gave mighty industrial Donbass to the Slavic people, is infinitely dear to me.

Now I travel much, working in Italy, Poland, Jerusalem, Paris, Spain.

I am grateful to God that he gave me the chance to transfer my impressions to canvases where spring gardens blossom, rivers flow, beautiful people live, and the images of these people will remain to our descendants for long centuries …

Tatyana Ponomarenko-Leverash Tatyana from Larino


  • 1991 – Moscow State University;
  • 2001 – Donetsk, "Women for revival of Donbass".
  • 2002 – Kiev, "Art of Ukraine".
  • 2003 – Donetsk, Inauguration of private school-studio of the fine arts (100 students).
  • 2003 – Donetsk, participation in an exhibition-competition "Donetsk and Donetsk citizens", devoted to the Day of the Artist. Received the first prize from the mayor A.A.Lukjyanchenko. Creation of the monumental triptych about Donetsk "My favourite city".
  • 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010 – Kiev (Shevchenko National academic opera and ballet theater of Ukraine), Soledar (Salt mines), the International project "Salt Symphony".
  • 2004 – Donetsk, Tatyana and her students’ exhibition "My favourite city".
  • 2005 – Donetsk, Tatyana and her students’ exhibition "My favorite team".
  • 2005 – Russia, Moscow, Tretyakov gallery "Way to the Truth"
  • 2006 – Alchevsk, joint project the of FC "Shakhtar" and the students of T.Ponomarenko-Leverash’s school-studio “Painting of Donechchina” "A miner to the freezing Alchevsk"
  • 2006 – Moscow, Donetsk, exhibition devoted to the 70th anniversary of the football club "Shakhtar"
  • 2006 – Russia, Moscow, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, exhibition “My Favourite Land”
  • 2006 – Russia, Moscow, Central House of Artists, exhibition “My Native Donbass”. The exhibition was inaugurated by: ambassador of Ukraine in Russia O. Dyomin, deputy of Russia I.Kobzon, chairman of the expatriates' community N. Lunyov, president of the Unions of artists confederation M. Fatkulin
  • 2007 – Russia, Moscow, Central House of Artists, participation in the international salon "The Central House of Artists — 2007", devoted to the fifteenth anniversary of the International Unions of artists confederation. About fifty works were presented. The inauguration was attended by: President of Russia V. Putin, Minister of Culture M. Shvydkoi, President of the Academy of Arts of Russia Z.Tseretelli, President of the International confederation M. Fatkulin, National artist of Ukraine T.Golimpiyevskaya. The International Unions of Artists Confederation and the Russian Academy of Arts awarded a creative trip to the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris to Tatyana for her fruitful work.
  • 2007 – Donetsk, Exhibition Center EKSPODONBASS, participation in the exhibition devoted to the 75th anniversary of Donetsk region. The President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko inaugurated the exhibition.
  • 2007 – France, Paris, two-month training in the "Cité Internationale des Arts".
  • 2008 – Kiev, ombudsman’s house, participation in the exhibition "Conciliarity of Ukraine". The exhibition was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and tourism of Ukraine Vasily Vovkun and the representative of the Verkhovna Rada on human rights Nina Karpachova.
  • 2009 – Donetsk, exhibition “The Heart on the Palette”, the portraits of the football players of the FC "Shakhtar" – owners of the UEFA Cup. The exhibition was devoted to the inauguration of Donbass Arena in anticipation of Euro 2012.
  • On October 7, 2009, the President of Ukraine awarded to Tatyana the rank of "The honored artist of Ukraine". She published two creative albums "My Favorite Team" and "Freedom of Thought".
  • 2009 – Donetsk, exhibition “My Favorite Team” devoted to the FC "Shakhtar", the owner of the UEFA Cup and to the inauguration of Donbass Arenas.
  • 2009 – Italy, Florence, participation in the Florentine Biennial where together with the Mayor of Donetsk A.A. Lukyanchenko Tatyana received Lorenz gold medal.
  • 2010 (September-October) – France, Paris, two-month training in the"Cité Internationale des Arts".
  • 2010 – France, Paris, four personal exhibitions "Ukrainian Fall in Paris", "Two Hearts — Two Countries", "Football is an Art", "My Favourite Donbass" and "Donetsk — Paris" devoted to the Independence of Ukraine 19th anniversary. The exhibition was attended by the President of Ukraine V. F. Yanukovych during his official visit to France and he awarded to Mrs. Ponomarenko the "Silver medal in honor of Inauguration of the President of Ukraine". The exhibition was visited by the mayor of Paris, senators, ambassadors of many states, politics and outstanding figures of the French art.
  • 2008, 2010, 2012 – Kiev, participation in "Barvista Ukraine" with the exhibition “Euro 2012 with a Brush of an Artist”.
  • 2011 – on the prime minister B. V. Kolesnikov’s initiative, Mrs. Ponomarenko created a collection of graphic and pictorial works about the history of the Southeast of Ukraine named "Yuzovka. The future starts in the past".
  • 2011 – published four albums: "My favourite land", "Two hearts – two countries", "Football is an art" and "Yuzovka. The future starts in the past"
  • October 2011 – Donetsk, Exhibition Center EKSPODONBASS, exhibition within the 4th investment summit.
  • 2012 – Great Britain, London, Ironmongers Hall, exhibition devoted to the founder of Donetsk John Hughes and old Yuzovka. The event took place under the auspices of the Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain and the Ukrainian-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry after the Mining and metallurgical summit. Mrs. Ponomarenko-Leverash presented all works to the Embassy of Ukraine. Then the exhibition was exhibited at the London local history museum.
  • 2012 - on the initiative of the management of Donetsk local authorities and personally of the head of the local police authorities colonel Yury Sednev, created a collection of graphic works "History of Police. Yuzovka. Stalino. Donetsk".
  • 2012 (September-October) – France, Paris, training in the "Cité Internationale des Arts".
  • October 2012 - Donetsk, Exhibition Center EKSPODONBASS, exhibition within the 5th investment summit where the painting with the authentic view of Yuzovka was presented to the President of Ukraine.
  • October 2013 – Donetsk, Exhibition Center EKSPODONBASS, an exhibition within the 6th investment summit where Tatyana presented to the President of Ukraine his portrait in the image of a racer named “On the way of victories”.
  • 2013 – France, Paris, training in the "Cité Internationale des Arts" during which the portrait of the Director of the "Cité Internationale des Arts", Mr. Langlais, was painted, and also the project “Revived Paintings” devoted to the 200th anniversary of John Hughes was started
  • November 11-17, 2013. – Great Britain, Cardiff (Southern Wales), "Norwegian Church", on the initiative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain, in the halls of the central city museum was presented an exhibition of creative works Mrs. Ponomarenko-Leverash, named "Yuzovka. The future starts in the past", devoted to the 200th anniversary since the birth of John Hughes, the founder of our city. The exhibition was visited by: First minister of the Welsh government Karwyn Jones, mayors of the cities of Donetsk and Cardiff Alexander Lukyanchenko and Derek Morgan, members of National Assembly of Wales, Ambassador of Ukraine, diplomats of the Ukrainian mission in Great Britain, and also representatives of the Ukrainian community. The works were exhibited in the hall of the exhibition center "Norwegian Church".
  • 2013 –portrait of the Prime minister of Great Britain Karwyn Jones was created and presented to him in November, 2013.

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